What is Your Child’s Favorite Thing in Poseidon’s Hangout?

Jumpeez rejoice! Your kids can play and learn in so many different ways when they visit Poseidon’s Hangout. The first stop should be the Octolair, where Jumpeez can dance with friends, chat and play!

Get groovy to the music in the Octolair!

Kids can also ride the brand-new Screamer, race in the Shipwreck Lagoon, hang out with friends by the campfire, and much more!

Twist and Turn in the Screamer!

Is there anything else your kids would like to do in Poseidon’s Hangout?

24 Responses

  1. can you please make my air port

  2. hi jumpstart! the kid with the first comment had an idea right? well i actually have a couple ideas too. so if i want to tell them how do i? please find me a way to contct you thanks


  3. ok jumpstart sorry the comment above this isnt true anymore found out ur email for random people out there it is:frankie@adventure.com



    • Great! Thank you for your email, Ben! You can always write to us too at the address below:

      Knowledge Adventure
      Attn: Frankie Fan Mail
      2377 Crenshaw Blvd, Suite 302
      Torrance, CA 90501

  4. jumpstart i went on math blaster.com by registering because the website wouldnt come on and now it says im NOT a math blaster member?! and i lost my old jumpstart account so i entered jumpstart from my math blaster account and it says im not a jumpstart member!? what happend did i lose both memberships? help! ( please respond )

    • Hi Joshua – One account gives you access to both Math Blaster and JumpStart. However, there are non-member and members-only features on both sites. If you were a JumpStart member on the old account that you lost, you should automatically be a Math Blaster member when you login with it. Please let me know if you need further assistance!

  5. boom boom fireflower LOL 🙂

  6. Hi Jumpstart I have a question you have not been replying to my comments lately I wanted to ask you will you ever put my jumping shews on jumpstart I have been waiting for years for you to put them on jumpstart. I hoped you would put them on jumpstart when I first sent it to you but it is not on so please put them on.

    • Hi JW – Nice to hear from you again! We will try and see if we can get the jumping shoes in. Thank you for your great suggestions, and thank you for your patience!

  7. I just wanted to tell you that THE SCREAMER IS BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you do is go around in circles! My friend Juila and Griffin thinl it is boring too! So please change it!

    • jumpstart worked very hard on that so be nice

      • the dude is right……we waited a long time to go in circles. what i think is funny is that this site is for lil ones but all i see is grown people complaining. lol

        but yeah i agree my 4 year old thinks its boring to. we thought it was going to be more exciting

    • I just love everything about Jumpstart. They work really hard to make this a fun place, and if you think the screamer is boring, just don’t go on it anymore. The Jumpstart team works their butt off to do everything they can, and I think saying something they worked on for months is boring isn’t helping. Also, I have to agree with Joey H.- I think an airport would be SO cool!

    • Yes boring that is the best way too expane the screamer

  8. I like to listen to the raymies in the octolair

  9. jumpstart make some thing new, like my air port or swming

  10. ‘luv’ all the new stuff!! ps i got an ‘every holiday’ idea.
    u can set up a neighborhood decorator for each holiday!

  11. Can you please make the pink aeroplane, as soon as you can. can you also make a small airplane so you can go on holiday to different countries. to learn about different countries. Thank you.

    • Hi Jasmine!

      Great ideas! We will pass them along to our producers for possible future changes to JumpStart. Thanks!

      • The airplane where you can go too diferint conteries would make my mom never let me play any thing else in Jumpstart couse I am home schooled and I am studdying contuies

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