New Charms Have Taken Over JumpStart

With the flick of our magical JumpStart wand, two new charms have arrived in Windy Hollows! Slugged and Gobbler Gag have made their way to the charms book, so encourage your kids to visit and brew up some new magical recipes.

Your kids can  turn their buddiez into slugs and watch them slowly slither around Windy Hollows on their tummies. All they need are these simple ingredients!

Have your children’s Jumpeez been itching for a new charm to cast?  They can now also transform other Jumpeez into Gobbler Gag turkeys and giggle as they gobble around the cobblestone paths of Windy Hollows.

If your kids don’t have specific ingredients on their shelf, direct them to the secret room to gather more special ingredients!

24 Responses

  1. did you get my letter that the name is joey himka cam you make it

  2. Oww….when will spring season come?

    • Hi Ng – It’s still a bit chilly in JumpStart, but once it starts warming up and the snow starts melting, I have a feeling that Spring will be in full bloom then!

  3. When ever i go to any new things like windy hollows, Screamer,and Flight School in the enchanted sanctuary it stops loading and it wont show up in the area and i tried clearing my browser and it didn’t work.

    • Hi Dan – I am sorry for the reoccuring loading problems. If you’ve already cleared your web browsing cache and unity web player cache. Can you do one more thing, and re-install the unity web player by following this link here. Please let me know if this helps. Thank you.

      • I seem to have the same problem. I’ve cleared my cache and reloaded the unity web player by following your link. The page doesn’t load. The loading bar only briefly highlights to show initial progress and then it stops.

        • i have the same problim to! when i am loading for math blaster it dose not load for me.. i tride loging out but it stiil wont load for me try to help me as soon as posable jump start thank you for all of your help jump start!!! i will just try agen js thanks!!!

  4. When i go to the math blaster the character my kid is playing just goes in a circular motion how do you stop this?

  5. i need help linking jumpstart on my facebook can you help me?

  6. oh no i got to hide! run if you don’t want to be a turkey or a slug!

  7. Make a charm that turns jumpees into into french fries.

  8. in need help logging in Facebook for linking the account could you help me please???

  9. i just love you jumpstart.

  10. Hello,
    This is Ng’s Dad.My child says when she finish loading
    the coin arcade,it didn’t take her to the coin arcade.
    Please help my child.

    • Hi Ng’s Dad – Can you tell us what happens after the coin arcade loads? Where does it take her? There is a coin arcade kiosk on the Boardwalk. Please try to access it from there, as I hope that will help!

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