What is Your Child’s Favorite Thing in Poseidon’s Hangout?

Jumpeez rejoice! Your kids can play and learn in so many different ways when they visit Poseidon’s Hangout. The first stop should be the Octolair, where Jumpeez can dance with friends, chat and play!

Get groovy to the music in the Octolair!

Kids can also ride the brand-new Screamer, race in the Shipwreck Lagoon, hang out with friends by the campfire, and much more!

Twist and Turn in the Screamer!

Is there anything else your kids would like to do in Poseidon’s Hangout?

Have You Blasted Off to Math Blaster?

UPDATE: The spaceship is no longer in DownTown, but you can play Math Blaster at www.MathBlaster.com!

Have your kids visited the spaceship in DownTown JumpStart yet? Our friends from Math Blaster have set up a recruitment center there, so it is quick and easy for Jumpeez to become Blaster Cadets! Pretty soon, our Math Blaster friends will be too far into space to continue recruiting in JumpStart, but the Math Blaster fun will continue! Your kids can always access the math adventures at MathBlaster.com. A Red Alert may be coming to warn of an attack on the spaceship, and we need our cadets to protect us, so encourage your kids to head over to Math Blaster today!

RED ALERT! Protect the spaceship!

Your kids can also enter the Blaster Academy, which is full of fun and exciting ways to practice math for the good of the universe. There, they can try math games like Zapper Turret Training or Hypercycle Training to practice anything from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division.

Click on the answer to pass the robot in Hypercycle Training!

The Blaster Academy needs your child’s help! There are so many fun things to try on MathBlaster.com. What is your child’s favorite part of the game?

They Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for JumpStart’s New Roller Coaster!

Are your kids’ Jumpeez ready for a thrilling adrenaline rush and topsy-turvy tummies? The Screamer, JumpStart’s very own roller coaster, is finally finished and open to ride in Poseidon’s Hangout! This new record-breaking roller coaster ride has been a buzz-worthy topic around here, and we’re proud to announce that it is up and running. So your kids should head on over and fasten their Jumpeez’ seatbelts, because they are in for treat. With undulating tracks, a speed adjuster, and 6 camera views, your kids can control their Jumpeez and enjoy the ride from plenty of different angles.

What do your kids think of the Screamer? Let us know!

New Charms Have Taken Over JumpStart

With the flick of our magical JumpStart wand, two new charms have arrived in Windy Hollows! Slugged and Gobbler Gag have made their way to the charms book, so encourage your kids to visit and brew up some new magical recipes.

Your kids can  turn their buddiez into slugs and watch them slowly slither around Windy Hollows on their tummies. All they need are these simple ingredients!

Have your children’s Jumpeez been itching for a new charm to cast?  They can now also transform other Jumpeez into Gobbler Gag turkeys and giggle as they gobble around the cobblestone paths of Windy Hollows.

If your kids don’t have specific ingredients on their shelf, direct them to the secret room to gather more special ingredients!

Mini Poll: What’s the Best Thing about JumpStart?

Here at JumpStart, we’re always looking for ways to make our games even more fun for your family. That’s why we want to hear from you! Today, we’re interested in hearing what you think the absolute best thing about JumpStart is. It could be a character, a game, a place…anything at all! Leave a comment below to share your family’s votes!

What's the Best Thing about JumpStart?

The Screamer is Opening!

UPDATE: The Screamer is now open!

The moment your children have been patiently waiting for is almost here! The Screamer will be opening this week!

The Screamer is Coming!

It's time for Jumpeez to buckle up for a thrilling ride!

The JumpStart mechanics have been hammering away to build the perfect roller coaster, and we can’t wait for your child to finally enjoy the Screamer! Stay tuned for the grand opening in a couple of days!

Put on Your Creative Caps to Celebrate National Hat Day!

This Saturday, January 15th, is National Hat Day! Whether your children have plans to enjoy the outdoors or just snuggle in their jammies, they can join in on the fun and dress their heads with fabulous hats! Hats come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and purposes, but their main function is to our keep heads warm. During these cold winters, hats are especially important to keep us from getting sick, so this Saturday, accessorize freely because hats are in season!

Are you excited about National Hat Day? Jumpeez are, too! Here are some pictures of Jumpeez we saw roaming around JumpStart with great hats! Do you recognize any of these Jumpeez?

Eric IronBolt spotted with his stylish baseball cap

Jessica SparklePanda joining in on the fun with her futuristic space helmet

Sean AlphaApollo is moo-ving around MainStreet in his cow-inspired hat

Are there still some Jumpeez on the lookout for a great hat? No worries – visit the Threadz shop and check out the cool hats we have available!