Fireworks Bursting into JumpStart

It is that time of year again! A new year is coming, and JumpStart is planning an explosive welcome! The evening sky over MainStreet and DownTown will soon be filled with a bright and brilliant firework show! Your kids can meet up with their buddies to watch the show from the beach in DownTown or gather round the latest FunZone in MainStreet to check it out! Just have them wait for the lights to dim, camp out with some friends, and enjoy the show!

JumpStart is bursting into the new year with fantastic fireworks!

Our Gift to You!

Happy holidays! We are so lucky to have such great followers, so we decided to give you all a little holiday gift. We have a fun winter screensaver for all of you to enjoy. With this screensaver, you can see a beautiful scene of ice skating JumpStart characters in a snowy winter wonderland every time you walk past your sleepy computer! To get this screensaver, just go here and click the winter screensaver icon. To install the screensaver, click the “Run” button in the box that appears and complete the installation. Then, when the “Display Properties” window pops up, select the JumpStart screensaver and click the “Apply” button to set it as your computer’s screensaver. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Even More Achievement Awards – Become a Distinguished Jumpee!

Last month, we told you about the achievement categories that give your kids ribbons and trophies for their hard work in JumpStart. Now, achievement categories are expanding! Encourage your kids to check out their communicators or the trophy case in their house to be commended for their achievements!

Learn more about new achievement categories!

SnowMan Rolls to a New Location!

Did your kids see that the SnowMan from DownTown has moved? Now your kids can find the SnowMan in the Boardwalk, where the coin arcade used to be. The SnowMan has taken over the spot for a little while to try to recruit more helpers! So encourage your kids to go visit the SnowMan in his new location and help him out! They can throw snowballs at him to help him grow and earn more coins for themselves!

Encourage your kids to go visit the SnowMan at his new Boardwalk location!

Your kids can gather their buddiez to help grow the SnowMan!

How many times have your kids helped the SnowMan grow?

Happy Holidays from JumpStart!

Every once in a while, we get a special treat that arrives in the mail and brings a lot of smiles to the office. Last week, we received a wonderful holiday greeting card from one of our dear fans, Calliope. We loved the greeting card, which was filled with all sorts of fantastic holiday drawings, and we feel so lucky to have such an amazing fan! We wanted to share the card with all of you and your children to spread the holiday cheer that it has brought to us and to show how great our fans are! Thank you, Calliope, for the thoughtful greeting card, and we also thank you and your children for being loyal fans of JumpStart!

Calliope sent us a wonderful holiday card!

Take a look at Calliope’s holiday art!

From everyone at JumpStart, we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

If your children also want to write to Frankie, his address is below. Frankie loves getting fan mail and also loves writing back!

Knowledge Adventure
Attn: Frankie Fan Mail
2377 Crenshaw Blvd, Suite 302
Torrance, CA 90501


Skate the Winter Days Away At JumpStart!

Have your kids checked out the MainStreet Fun Zone lately? Now that Windy Hollows has floated off to a new location, there is a new Winter Wonderland Fun Zone in town!  Jumpeez can go ice skating around the frozen lake or climb through some snowy hills. Enjoy a skate around the lake and have your kids try out their skills on the ice!

Jumpeez can go for a fun and relaxing skate around the new MainStreet Fun Zone!

Or they can try out some cool tricks on the ice!

Your kids can even take up arms behind one of the snow fort walls to prepare for an epic snowball fight with their buddies!

Kids can throw snowballs at unsuspecting Jumpeez from above!

Whatever your child’s favorite winter activity at JumpStart, be sure to encourage them to explore the new Fun Zone in MainStreet and let us know what you think!

Math Blaster® HyperBlast Soars to Mobile Heights!

Math Blaster soars to touchscreens with Math Blaster HyperBlast!

This just in! While our friends at Math Blaster have been working quickly to fine-tune their spaceship and pack for their cosmic journey, they have asked us to deliver a message. For all of your kids who are anxiously awaiting the launch of the Math Blaster portal and, Math Blaster HyperBlast has been released for the iPad™! Similar to the Math Blaster virtual world  that is to come, Math Blaster HyperBlast uses amazing 3D graphics, fast-paced arcade fun, kid-friendly controls and instructions, and three gameplay levels to teach thirty mind-bending math lessons! Kids can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while racing through an exciting tunnel full of obstacles that are out of this world! So encourage your kiddie cadets to suit up and show off their math skills, because the Math Blaster HyperBlast application is ready for take-off!

Your kids can shoot, tilt, and touch their way through extraterrestrial math obstacles.

While Math Blaster continues to make large strides toward preparing the Math Blaster portal on JumpStart and, encourage your kids to keep counting down with us!  There are 15 days until the intergalactic virtual world is ready for take-off!!