Achievements: Has Your Child Earned Any Trophies?

Recently, we introduced achievement categories, which reward kids with ribbons and trophies for all their hard work on JumpStart!

Incentives and rewards can be powerful motivators, and we’d like to know how your children are progressing with the addition of these new catalysts. Do earning ribbons and trophies for their achievements boost motivation in your children?

When kids collect three ribbons, they will earn a trophy!

Remember, the more they do on JumpStart, the more ribbons and trophies they will receive!

Kids can earn awards for playing fun learning games!

Your kids can also earn ribbons and trophies for throwing neighborhood parties to become the ultimate event planner!

We want to acknowledge your children for every bit of their hard work and show that we appreciate all their efforts in JumpStart! We hope your children are quickly becoming distinguished Jumpeez with an abundant collection of decorative ribbons and trophies, because we are hoping to add more achievement categories soon!

Which categories are your children getting ribbons for? What additional achievement categories can we add that you think your children can be rewarded in? Who has the most trophies?

New Petz Coming Soon, Just In Time for Winter!

As the season is changing and the air is getting colder, some pets are getting ready to go into hibernation, while other new pets are getting ready to come out and play! Coming soon, JumpStart’s Petz Shop will be getting a new shipment of pets, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Starbuzz, the sparkle-eyed fly

Arrival Date: 1 December 2010
Favorite JumpStart Area: Following his sparkling intuition in Windy Hollows to find the sparkling secret room

Nothing spreads holiday cheer like the lights decorating houses around this time of year! Let Starbuzz, the sparkle-eyed fly, act as that glimmering glow of joy to your child’s Jumpee! With Starbuzz buzzing and glittering around as a pet, your child’s Jumpee is sure to dazzle and shine throughout JumpStart!

Pinch, the grumpy crab

Arrival Date: 1 December 2010
Favorite JumpStart Area: Clawing and grabbing for bags of gold in Ghost Town Grab

Don’t let his name fool you! Pinch, the grumpy crab, is only grouchy when he doesn’t have a Jumpee to have as a friend! So don’t be a humbug, and give Pinch a chance! Once befriended, this grumpy crab will be the happiest crustacean alive and will have your kids’ Jumpeez clawing their way to the top!

Nautilus, the golden squid

Arrival Date: 1 December 2010
Favorite JumpStart Area: Dodging boats and squirming around the murky waters of ShipWreck Lagoon

Although known for his wonderful swimming capabilities in water, Nautilus also loves roaming around land to show off his remarkable golden coat! Everywhere Nautilus goes, his superior coat gives off an undeniable glow that will extend to your child’s Jumpee!

Toadstool, the giving mushroom

Arrival Date: 1 December 2010
Favorite JumpStart Area: Looking up from the ground at the flight deck in Free Fall Mountain

‘Tis the season of giving with Toadstool, the giving mushroom! This fungus has a contagiously kind heart! Your child can spread the joy of giving and warm up the start of the holiday season with a fun fungus for a friend!

Happy Thanksgiving From JumpStart – And Travel Games!

We at JumpStart are thankful for our players and fans this Thanksgiving. We are also thankful for your questions, your honest feedback and suggestions, your comments of appreciation, and your willingness to share with one another on this blog. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We know that long trips can be boring for kids, and thinking of activities to entertain them can become tiresome. So, as you head off to your holiday destination, teach your kids some of our favorite supply-free travel games:

Spelling Sleuth: Go around the car and let everyone add a letter to a word. The first person to complete a word loses! But don’t choose just any letter; if you select a strange letter your fellow riders can challenge you to find out what word you have in mind. No answer? You lose.

Counting Games: Road trips provide lots of opportunities to practice counting. Assign each child a side of the car and see who can count the most cows, horses, billboards, or sheep. If you have one child, you can compete or see how fast your child can make it to 100 items. Try switching items every once in a while to ward off boredom.

Question Game: In this game, you are only allowed to speak in questions to everyone in the car. For example one person could ask, “When are we going to get there?”  The next person would ask, “Do you have a watch?” The next person would ask, “Did you take it?” If you do not answer in a question, you are out. The winner of the game is the person who can carry on the conversation in questions the longest!

For other ideas, visit previous posts with great games like License Plate Fun, CAR-tegories, The Teacher’s Dog , and Popcorn Storytelling.

Happy Thanksgiving from JumpStart!

Weather Alert: Winter is Coming!

This just in! The Jumpee Weather Service has received notification of a cold storm front approaching JumpStart! Temperatures are expected to drop, and there is a likely chance of snowfall in the upcoming days! Weather probability forecasts that this will be the last weekend of fall and that winter will be arriving soon, just in time for the start of the holiday season! So be on the alert! Enjoy the last days of fall, and keep an active watch for the arrival of a wonderful wintry change to make it’s way into JumpStart any day!

A look at what last year's winter storm brought into JumpStart

A Jumpee skating through Winter last year

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Crafts

With the kids out of school and roaming the house in search of something to do, fill their day with fun craft activities that can also be used as festive decorations around the house to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Like your family’s favorite recipes that are bookmarked in the recipe box to use over and over at every year’s Thanksgiving meal, JumpStart has bookmarked a few of our favorite Thanksgiving crafts from last year for you and your children to enjoy once more.

For a gobbling-good centerpiece, have your children make a Pine Cone Turkey!

Learn how to make this Turkey-rific Centerpiece!

While waiting for the turkey to be carved, you can also have your children make a Native American Vest to reenact the first Thanksgiving meal!

Get in the holiday spirit with this Thanksgiving Attire

What fun Thanksgiving crafts does your family make this time of year?

What Do You Think of Windy Hollows?

Last week, we introduced Windy Hollows, a magical new Fun Zone in MainStreeet. Hopefully your kids have had a chance to explore this new addition to JumpStart. What have they done so far?

Have your kids flown over MainStreet on a magical broomstick?

Have they found the secret cavern behind an empty building and collected special items for charm-creating?

Have they brewed up a magical potion?

Have they turned their friends into frogs?

When Windy Hollows first floated into MainStreet, your kids may have noticed that special items were so rare that they could only collect a few of each item per day. After so many Jumpeez entered the secret caves to find these special magical items, though, more and more items began appearing! Now, Jumpeez can collect many more special ingredients each day. More special ingredients mean more potions, so encourage your kids to head down to the secret caves and start collecting!

Now that your kids have had some time to explore Windy Hollows, we want to know what they think! What are your kids’ favorite spells? Are there any spells missing that they would like to see? What do they think of the broom selection? Which brooms are their favorites?

Windy Hollows Has Arrived!

Abracadabra! With a swish and a flick of a wand, Windy Hollows has magically appeared in JumpStart! Now your child can explore this enchanting new area to hunt for secret ingredients to brew up a potion, cast bewitching spells on their Jumpee friends, and soar high above MainStreet on a magical broomstick in the new MainStreet fun zone!

Windy Hollows has arrived in JumpStart!

Learn more about Windy Hollows here