ShipWreck Lagoon Goes Multiplayer!

Update: ShipWreck Lagoon is now located in the Beach.

A few weeks ago, we announced the opening of ShipWreck Lagoon and the new featured racing game found inside the portal. We wanted to give your children some time to practice their racing skills and exercise their track building creativity. We hope they did, because starting today, they can race against other Jumpeez in ShipWreck Lagoon with the new multiplayer mode!

Race Against Other Jumpeez, Coming Soon!

In this new competitive racing mode, the same initial features of individual racing is still available, but now there is the additional option to challenge your buddies and other Jumpeez to a race!

Get ready to challenge your buddy to a race!

Your Jumpee can choose to 1) Join a race, 2) Start a race, or 3) Race a Buddy. Also of note, there is a special racing function found only in multiplayer mode, so put your best racing foot forward and compete against others in ShipWreck Lagoon Multiplayer Mode, available now!

Help Us Name the Next MainStreet Fun Zone!

Soon, Jumpeez will be able to practice casting spells and riding broomsticks in a new exciting Fun Zone coming to JumpStart’s MainStreet! From The OctoLair to Poseidon’s Hangout, we have received such great name ideas from you and your kids recently that we would like to ask for your great naming skills once again!

What should we name this magical Fun Zone?

Hornhowlie Coming This Week!

UPDATE: Hornhowlie is now here to stay in the Enchanted Sanctuary!

Over the past few weeks, we have been introducing you to the lovable and adorable hornhowlie, JumpStart’s newest mythical creature. Hornhowlie has been having so much fun roaming the vast lands of his new home in the Enchanted Sanctuary, meeting and making lots of wonderful dragon and pegasus friends, and is just about settled in! By the end of this week, Hornhowlie will be joining the other mythies in the Enchanted Sanctuary and will be ready for adoption!

Hornhowlie will be ready for adoption soon!

Just like the other mythies inhabiting the Enchanted Sanctuary, your child will soon be able to hatch and raise their very own hornhowlie and train it to fly! Remember, though, raising a mythie takes a lot of time and love, so each Jumpee can only raise one mythie at a time. If your child has a baby dragon pegasus or dragon, tell them to work hard to get that mythie trained and ready for flight school so that they can adopt a hornhowlie right away.

We can’t wait for child to meet and adopt this lovable new creature, so stayed tuned for the arrival of Hornhowlie coming in just a few days!

Dressing Up for a JumpStart Halloween

As Halloween approaches, Jumpeez all over are gearing up for the fashionable holiday. Will your kids celebrate with a costumed Jumpee?

Vampires in JumpStart are fun and friendly!

Jumpeez get a glimpse of the future wearing this robotic get-up!

Get wrapped up in Halloween with this mummy costume!

There’s no place like JumpStart for this cute Jumpee!

What is your child’s Jumpee dressed up as?

Meet the Creator of the Hornhowlie!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been telling you all about the hornhowlie, the adorable part dog, part billy-goat, part reptile creature that won the Mythie Contest. This furry canine is scheduled to join the cast of mythical creatures in the Enchanted Sanctuary before the end of October!

The Hornhowlie

Meet the Hornhowlie’s creator!

Like Your Kids, JumpStart is On the Go!

Your kids can now take learning with them wherever they go! JumpStart is constantly moving to new gaming platforms, and the iPad™ is no exception. JumpStart Preschool® Magic of Learning Vol. 1 is now available for the iPad!

Take a look at the game!

Reminder: Open the Surprise Box!

Remember the announcement of the special Surprise Box that arrived inside the door of your child’s JumpStart house? Don’t forget to tell them to unlock the Surprise Box to see what’s inside! If your kids invite 3 of their JumpStart friends over, each friend will be able to unlock one of the locks on the box. When the 3 locks are removed, your child will get a special suprise! To return the favor, your kids can visit all of their friends’ houses and help unlock each of their boxes.

Don't forget to unlock the Surprise Box!

Do your kids need help unlocking their boxes? Here are a few ideas that will help bring friends to their neighborhoods!

1) Throw a Party
2) Add More Buddies