Go Behind the Scenes – JumpStart Get Moving!

UPDATE: JumpStart Get Moving is now available in stores.

Last week, we announced our upcoming game, JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness™ – a sports game for the whole family that will hit stores this June. As promised, we’d like to invite you to take a look behind the scenes to see how this exciting new game was built!

Go behind the scenes!

Quick Character Survey

UPDATE: This survey is now closed.

We’re building a new game and are debating which of our characters to include. Would you like to weigh in? Click the image below to take our quick survey. Thanks in advance!

Armored Dragons and Rainbow Ponies Are Here!

The Petz Shop wasn’t the only JumpStart store to receive a new shipment this week….a selection of exciting new rides also arrived at the Ridez Shop. Haven’t seen them yet? Read on!

Armored Dragons

With their glistening metallic skin and razor-sharp horns, the armored dragons may seem like scary rides at first glance. But with the right rider, an armored dragon can be tamed and can, in fact, be one of the swiftest and most reliable rides around. These incredible creatures are priced at only 100 coins each! Stop by the Ridez Shop today to see if an armored dragon will choose you as his rider!

Rainbow Ponies

Most ponies are content to be colored with earth tones – brown, black, white – but this breed of ponies is determined to be different! With their purple bangs, golden hooves and magnificent multicolored tails, the rainbow ponies are the perfect choice for Jumpeez who want to be noticed as they explore the online world. Purchase yours at the Ridez Shop before they run out!

New Pets Available Now at JumpStart.com!

Meet the adorable new sidekicks that are now available at the Petz Shop!

Pawprint, the delightful dalmation

Arrival Date: 19 May 2010

Price: 80 JS coins

Favorite JumpStart Area: Climbing on the ancient ruins

Like most puppies, Pawprint has a ton of energy and absolutely loves making new friends. This cuddly canine is happiest when he’s racing through the world at the heels of a Jumpee. Pawprint has a nose for adventure, so be prepared for excitement if you stop by the Petz store to adopt him.

Calista, the calico cat

Arrival Date: 19 May 2010

Price: 80 JS coins

Favorite JumpStart Area: On the cool grass near the waterfall

Calista may be the size of the cat, but she has the heart of a lion. This speckled feline is one of the most loyal pets in all of JumpStart and always  sticks close to her Jumpee caretaker. Calista needs a lot of love, but if you are willing to take good care of her, you’ll find you’ve got a new best friend at JumpStart!

Sparkles, the frog princess

Arrival Date: 19 May 2010

Price: 80 JS coins

Favorite JumpStart Area: In the JumpStart Amphitheater

Sparkles is known throughout JumpStart for her dance moves – after all, this frog can hip and hop with the best of them! If you enjoy visiting the amphitheatre or jukebox and tapping your toes to those catchy JumpStart tunes, Sparkles may be the perfect pet for you!

Introducing JumpStart Get Moving™ Family Fitness!

UPDATE: JumpStart Get Moving™ is now available in stores.

For years, JumpStart has been designing games that make learning fun for kids. But we know that raising healthy, happy kids means worrying about their bodies as well as their minds. That’s why we’ve decided to use our game-making skills to tackle fitness, a topic that, like learning, can be fun!  

After months of development, we are thrilled to announce JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness – a Wii™ game that will show your whole family that fitness doesn’t have to be a chore! Created in collaboration with Brooke Burke, co-host and champion of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and a team of kinesiology experts, Get Moving includes more than 15 sports challenges that are sure to get your entire family up, active and having fun.

Take a look!

JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness is available for pre-order at Costco, Amazon and GameStop now and is scheduled to arrive at a store near you this June. Stay tuned here on the JumpStart Blog for updates and exclusive behind the scenes looks at how the game was built!

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Fiesta Time Scavenger Hunt – Need a Hint? Part 2

UPDATE: This scavenger hunt is now closed.


Did you know there’s a scavenger hunt going on a JumpStart.com right now? It’s true! 30 fiesta-themed items have been stashed throughout the world and there’s a coin-prize for any Jumpeez who find them all! Earlier this week we gave clues for finding the 15 items hidden in MainStreet. Now, we’re back with clues for the 15 items in DownTown. Read on if you’re up for the challenge! 

Sneak Peek: Sports Arena Coming to JumpStart.com!

UPDATE: The Sports Arena is now live at JumpStart.com.

Calling all sports fans!

In honor of our upcoming Wii™ game, JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness, we’ve decided that it’s about time to get some of our Jumpeez’ favorite sports into the online world. And, since it’s also about time for a new FunZone to appear in MainStreet, we’ve started building a sports arena! Take a sneak peek…

Look for a New FunZone to Appear Soon!

When this new FunZone arrives, you’ll be able to test your basketball skills on the court and show off your aim as you knock over targets. Not a basketball pro? Don’t worry! We’ll be adding football and volleyball games in the upcoming weeks!

Try Your Hand at Jumpee Basketball!

Stay tuned here for more details – this exciting new area is expected to launch this week!