New Ride Shipment for 3.31.2010

There’s cool new stuff all over JumpStart this week in celebration of spring, and the Ridez shop is no exception! Today we’ll introduce a brand new Ride and give you a glimpse of how we designed it. Without further ado, the new ride is…

The Eggvertible!

Expected Arrival Date: 31 March 2010


Cost: 120 JS coins


Most Likely to Be Spotted Near: Near the Petz shop

The Eggvertible is a special edition Ride for the spring season. Don’t let the bulky shape fool you – this egg is fast! The Eggvertible is built on a go-cart chassis, making it quick and agile. With four different designs available, you’ll be sure to find an Eggvertible that fits your own personal style! Check out the different Eggvertible styles by clicking here!

Turning the Tables on April Fools Day

Are you the one that the family loves to play April Fools Day pranks on? If so, we have a few harmless tricks that you can fight back with this year! Get ready for some laughs as you show your family who the top trickster in the house really is.

  • Chatty Critter: Does your child have a pet lizard, bunny, hamster or other critter that lives in a cage? If so, place one walkie talkie behind the cage and wait until your child is in the room. When everything is quiet, use the other walkie talkie and do your best impression of the pet’s voice. Your child will be amazed that their friend can suddenly speak!
  • Mystery Milk: What is better than a big bowl of cereal for your child to start off his or her day? If your child loves pouring cereal and milk in the mornings, add a few drops of food coloring to the milk carton the night before (this is best for cardboard cartons of milk). Watch his or her face as the white milk they’re expecting comes out green or blue or whatever color you choose! It’s harmless and will surely start your day off with a laugh.
  • Bug Bluff: Does your child despise insects, snakes, or other creepy-crawlers? If so, purchase a few realistic toy models of their most loathed creature and plant them around the house in places he or she will be most likely to see them! We suggest places like in the bed sheets, the shower, or in the car.
  • Bouncing Blizzard: Stock up on ping pong balls at the store and carefully stack them in the kitchen cabinets after your child heads to bed. In the morning, ask your child to get something out of that cabinet and they will be shocked by a shower of bouncing balls!
  • Trouble Trick: Is your son or daughter one of those students who rarely get calls home? If so, wait a little while after he or she has come home from school and then call your house phone with your cell phone. Go in another room to have a shocking “conversation” and come back out with a stern look on your face. Tell them that it was the principal and that you know all about the trouble they caused during lunch time. They will frantically try to defend themselves! Just make sure to let them in on the joke before the panic actually sets in.
  • AM Alarm: After your family goes to bed, move all of the clocks in the house up one hour. Wake everyone up at the normal time, but insist that they are running horribly late! After everyone rushes to get ready, yell April Fools, then take advantage of the extra time to enjoy a leisurely family breakfast of pancakes and gummy worms or some other April Fools appropriate grub!

Need more ideas? Stop by our post from last year for even more family-friendly pranks.

Enjoy and Share!

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New Pet Shipment for 3.30.2010

The Petz Store of has clued us in to the arrival of some very festive incoming pets!  As in the past , we’d be thrilled to let you check them out. Please meet…

Shiela, the shiest egg

Expected birth date:  30 March 2010

Cost:  100 JS coins

Favorite JumpStart Area: The most remote island of FreeFall Mountain

Favorite Move: Taking furtive glances at the outside world.

Shiela is such a shy little egg.  She doesn’t have too many friends in the world, and, sure, Shiela can be quiet, but if you get to know her, she just might come out of her shell.  If so, what will you find?  Just about the sweetest egg ever, whose conversations just come over easy.

Eggstein, the elated egg

Expected birth date:  30 March 2010

Cost:  100 JS coins

Favorite JumpStart Area: Buddyz Booth

Favorite Move: Rolling on the floor laughing.

Eggstein is a real joy to have around.  He is nothing but a happy fellow, chuckling and using his impressive command of the English language to create clever puns that make those around him laugh too.  If Eggstein ever sees you feeling down, he’ll make sure you start to see things sunny-side up.
See the rest of the EGGS-eptional pets coming up!

The Leprechauns are Moving Out!

It’s officially spring, and that means change is in the air. Our JumpStart meteorologist has informed us that some April showers are headed our way! The rains are likely to make the leprechauns who have been hanging out in JumpStart homesick, so they’ll be packing up and heading back to Ireland soon. The good news is that this will leave plenty of room for new spring decorations!

We’re expecting the leprechauns to head home on Wednesday, so you still have a few more days to enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day decorations.
Check out our St. Patrick’s Day checklist by clicking here.

The Skate-O-Rama: JumpStart’s Disco Roller Rink!

UPDATE: The Skate-O-Rama is currently gone for the season.

The 4 Leaf Clover-copter sure was a treat, but the leprechauns we borrowed it from had to return it to Ireland (at least until next year!). Don’t worry, though! We have an exciting new springtime arrival at…the two-story Skate-O-Rama!

There's no other roller rink like it!

Read about all of the Skate-O-Rama’s cool features by clicking here!

We Need a Hand…Please Take Our Quick Survey!

UPDATE: This survey is now closed.

We know we just asked you to vote earlier today, but these are busy times at the JumpStart Studios and we already have another question for you! If you can spare just a few more minutes to take our survey, we would love to get your opinion! We promise it will take 3 minutes or less, and you’ll get to share your thoughts on cool art like this:

Click HERE for the survey.

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Which Pet Should We Bring Back?

A few of our old furry, scaly and slimy friends are ready to return to to play! We’d like your help deciding which friend to bring back first. Take a look at the nominees, then scroll down and cast your vote. The pet who receives the most votes will be rejoining his pals in the Petz Shop next week, ready to be adopted by Jumpeez everywhere!

Petunia, the bashful elephant

Venus, the fanged pet plant

Trish, the stylish shark

Tux, the prestigious panda

Blade, the speckled dinosaur

Share the democratic experience!

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