Show Off Your Room and Win a Prize!

UPDATE: This contest has now ended.

Hey, JumpStart fans! We recently announced that rooms are officially live, and we’re excited! We know that your kids will find all sorts of creative ways to decorate their rooms … and we’d love to see what they come up with. In fact, we’re going to give 300 coins to the owner of the best room we see. Follow the directions below to show off your kids’ rooms, and then stay tuned to our Facebook fan page and the JumpStart Blog. We’ll be choosing a winner on March 15th.

Learn how to take and post a screenshot of your child’s room here!

Rooms Are Live!

It’s been a long time coming, but now, Jumpeez may enter their houses, decorate their rooms, and relax in their humble abodes with some of their buddies! Plus, we’ve included a small housewarming gift for everyone upon their first entrance!

Take the house from empty to all-about-you by stopping at the House Hut in DownTown for all your room-decorating needs!

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Just For Fun: Indoor Sports!

For many places, this time of year means snow, rain, or fog. Brrr! And, unless you take after the athletes at the Winter Games, chances are that sort of weather means staying inside near the heater is much more tempting than trekking out into the cold to play sports. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect activities for all you fair-weather athletes…indoor sock bowling and balloon tennis! Read on to find out how your family can play these fun games with items you probably already have stashed in your garage and closet.

Sock Bowling

What you’ll need:

  • One pair of rolled up socks
  • 10 empty plastic bottles (any size will do)


  1. Place the 10 empty bottles in a pyramid shape, just like bowling pins, at the end of a hallway.
  2. Stand at the opposite end of the hallway and toss the rolled up socks at the bottles to see how many you can knock down.
  3. Too easy?  Try different techniques to throw the socks:  Spin around 10 times before bowling at the pins.  Turn backwards and throw the socks between your legs.  Try bowling with two pairs of rolled up socks at one time.  See who can make up the most creative way to bowl.

Read how to play Balloon Tennis indoors!

Decorate Your World: JumpStart Personalized Billboards!

Did you know that your child can design his or her own billboard all throughout Children can decorate their world with the drawings they color or the photographs they snap with their camera! Today, we’ll take a look around JumpStart and find all the billboards so you and your child can decorate them!

There is a billboard in front of the movie theatre on Main and one in front of the Hall of Fame! Have your child take a photo of anything they find interesting and put it on the billboard for them to see whenever they enter JumpStart!

Movie Theater and Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Billboard

Drag pictures on the left to place them on the billboard!

Click here to see more of the billboards around JumpStart!

Best of JumpStart: Jump Pads

Recently we showed you our favorite slides in Today we’re going to cover the most exciting jump pads, those platforms that send your Jumpee up into the air and to a new part of JumpStart!

Mystic Mountain Caverns (AdventureLand)

We’ll start with our absolute favorite set of jump pads in all of Once you find Hops at AdventureLand’s Mystic Mountain, you’ll have access to a vast network of jump pads that can transport you throughout the caverns. Experiment with different jump pads to see where you end up next!

Wow! That’s a lot of jump pads!

Make sure you watch out for Punk Punks on your way down!

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Learning Outside of Learning Games

From FutureLand’s IQ Actionizer to DownTown’s Brain Training Arcade, we’ve clued you in on some of the best educational destinations on But did you know that even the time your kids spend outside of these specific educational games is valuable learning time?

“Following and creating patterns, making comparisons, cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, following multi-step directions, life skills, goal setting, computer use, interaction with technology, etc. are all elements involved while playing in JumpStart”, says Heather Tuttle, Curriculum Writer.

Let’s take a look…

It takes quite a bit of hand-eye coordination to get to navigate Free Fall Mountain.

And navigating that chocolate maze requires pattern and letter recognition skills.

Even the pre-programmed chat words in the game are based on Dolch’s sight words, a set of words that should be standard knowledge by the third grade.
Check out even more ways children learn at JumpStart!

Gearing Up for the Winter Games!

Winter game excitement is everywhere, and is no exception! Check out these cool winter sports-themed clothes we’ve designed especially for these thrilling events.

What a pretty shirt!


If figure skating is your sport of choice, try this stylish top on for size. The bear on the front is wearing an awfully cute tutu! This isn’t your only option, though…

I hope his “bear” feet aren’t cold on the slopes!


Just in case snow sports are more your thing, you can also show off this trendy shirt to all your buddies. But wait! There’s more…

Wow! He won gold!


If you can’t wait to celebrate your favorite country’s successes at the Games, then this shirt is the one for you. Our Winter competition bear tops the medals podium on this chic top. Check out the Threadz store for more of these contest-inspired offerings.
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