The Forecast Is Sunny, with a Touch of Love

We spoke with the local weather Jumpee, and he has informed us that clear, sunny skies are on the way! He also told us that Cupid has been hanging around and shooting a bit of love everywhere, so keep on the lookout for that! Thus, the snow is melting fast over at JumpStart, but not so fast that Jumpeez can’t have one more fun-filled weekend in the Winter Wonderland!

Spring Sun Approaches!

Before JumpStart welcomes the warmth and starts to transition to more fun in the sun, Jumpeez can still head to the ice skating rink for some laps!

Go for the Double Sow Cow while you can!

Jumpeez should also rally together to throw as many snowballs as they can at the snowman in Downtown. (He wants one last dance before he leaves for spring vacation!)

One more last dance.

The elves loaned us the “Wonderland in a Globe,” complete with the Elf-O-Matics so we could fit, but they’re starting to miss their beloved play land up north, for when they aren’t making toys. Jumpeez should be sure to shrink themselves and play around on the snow globe slides and train! It’s the last chance for them to get a taste of the North Pole!

The Wonderland Express's due for Departure!

Tell Your Friends to Savor the Winter Wonderland While It Lasts

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Your Pets Poll Champion and Pet Shipment for 2 February 2010!

Last week you got to vote for your favorite pet to return to Now, the results are in! And the winner is…

Sly, the sneaky ninja!

Expected return to 2 February 2010

Price: 110 JS coins

Favorite JumpStart area: Hidden Treasure Hollow

Favorite move: Hiding in shadowy areas, keeping an eye on the Jumpeez’ activities.

Sly is sneaky, but he’s also very observant! He loves to make sure he knows what’s going on in JumpStart. Don’t mistake his stealth for deceitfulness – Sly is a loyal friend. In fact, he’s brought some new friends with him!

Mallard, the a-quack-tic duck

Expected birth date: 2 February 2010

Price: 80 JS coins

Favorite JumpStart area: The scenic river that winds its way through JumpStart MainStreet

Favorite move: Getting into a water fight with his favorite Jumpee.

Mallard not only loves swimming and scouting on the river bank for a snack, but he also can’t get enough learning. Although he’s mostly an a-quack-tic animal, Mallard is happy to accompany his Jumpee on land as they explore together. Because he migrates every year, he has a great sense of direction. You’ll never get lost with Mallard to guide you!

Gallant, the frog prince

Expected birth date: 2 February 2010

Price: 150 JS coins

Favorite JumpStart area: Right behind Tiki Falls

Favorite move: Using the jump pads to leap around JumpStart.

Gallant is slimy but lovable. We guarantee you’ve never met such a chivalrous amphibian! He never gets tired of hopping to the next learning game with his Jumpee. Your buddies will be green with envy when they see Gallant at your side…that is, until they adopt a Frog Prince of their own!

Thanks for voting! Don’t forget to stop by the Petz store to pick up a new buddy!

Announce the Champ and the New Crew to Your Friends!

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Valentine’s Day Decorations at JumpStart

It’s time of year for teddy bears, boxes of chocolate, flowers, and affectionate messages on heart-shaped candy. Lucky for us, Cupid gave us a few tips on how to totally deck out JumpStart for Valentine’s Day. In fact, he even helped us write a fun poem to tell you all about what Jumpeez will find at JumpStart this month!

Walking through JumpStart, looking to explore,
Your child will notice pink hearts galore!
They’re on trees and balloons, even the floor!

Your child can spread love with handfuls of hearts to throw,
But don’t worry too much, they’re no enchanted arrow!

We thought presents and stuffed animals might give you bliss,
So we’ve provided lots of these, so big you can’t miss!

Along with the teddy bears, gifts, and bouquets,
We’ve also added one huge chocolate maze!
To find your way through is kind of a test,
But things will be fine if you stick with “JS”!

We added everything we could to our love-filled terrain,
And had just enough room for the new Heart Lane.
Here, Jumpeez side by side,
Can kick up their feet, relax, and take a swan ride.

We hope you and your children enjoy all the new decorations; they’re quite love-ly!

Tell Your Friends to Get Excited for Valentine’s Day!

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Rainfall Art

Stormy weather has swept over our office in Southern California the past couple of weeks, and it has been pouring.  Rainfall has rejuvenating powers for plants and bodies of water, but it can be a pain to try and keep your schoolwork dry, only to discover that something has become messed up by the rain!  However, raindrops can also create some neat effects when applied to art, intentionally or unintentionally.  For this art project, we will be crossing our fingers as we apply rainfall to a piece of art, drawn in marker, in hopes that it will turn our artwork into something even cooler with smears and blots through the rain’s drip and drops!

Our fun trials!


  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Rain

Read how to make your own rainfall art and see how ours turned out!

Learning and Earning in FutureLand

Update: Futureland is now accesible through the Beach.

By now, you’re probably aware of all the learning games available in the JumpStart Brain Training Arcade – after all, it’s pretty hard to miss the building with the giant brain!

Jumpeez can pump up their brains and earn coins at the Brain Training Center!

What you may not realize is that lots more learning is available in FutureLand, at the IQ Actionizer!  FutureLand is a great place to check out if your child is toward the older end of JumpStart’s age range.

Your little adventurer can kick butt at learning games in FutureLand!

The IQ Actionizer is packed full of learning content for students in the third, fourth, and fifth grades, which means reading, writing, and arithmetic feature prominently.
Check out the learning covered over different subjects in the IQ Actionizer.

Crafty Castle

Do you remember spending hours dreaming of being a princess or a knight slaying dragons? Given that so many girls and boys’ imaginations take them to be apart of these fairytales, we at JumpStart thought making a castle might just be the perfect craft for your kids!

Build this crafty castle!

If this sounds like something your child would enjoy, just follow these easy steps!

Making Your JumpStart Experience Even Better!

If you’ve stopped by in the past 2 days, you may have noticed messages inviting you to link your Facebook and JumpStart accounts for even more fun. What does this mean, you ask? The short answer is that we are working to make it easier to find your real-life friends who are also on JumpStart. And you already know more friends mean more fun at JumpStart!

Check out this quick video for the scoop:

Linking your accounts gives you a number of exciting benefits. Here are the highlights:

1.Your kids will get bonus coins to use in the game. We’ve had parents asking if there’s a way to give their kids bonus coins for special occasions – here’s your chance! Help your little one finally get their hands on that super cool magic carpet or stylish pirate hat.

2. You’ll be able to see your Facebook friends who are also on JumpStart! Who knows? Maybe your cousin’s family or your neighbor’s son is already playing. Find out, then link up your kids with theirs, so that everyone can play together in the virtual world!

3. You can get real-time updates of what your kids are up to in the game! Did your daughter finally decide to buy that funny pet lamp? Has your son finally beaten his best score in Dodge N’ Dash? With these handy updates, you’ll finally know what your kids mean when they start arguing about who has the cooler pet blob.

Ready to get started? Click here to visit the official Link page. You’ll be asked to login to, then taken through the steps!

PS. Since we’re on the topic of Facebook – don’t forget to come join our fan page at Thanks!

Get Your Friends in the Know!

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