Make it Rain!

Do you love the calming sound of rain falling on your roof during a grey day? Well, you don’t have to wait for clouds to roll in overhead anymore – you can make it rain anytime you want with your very own rain stick!

Original, historic rain sticks were all similarly-made from materials found in nature by many different cultures. Cacti were often used for rain sticks, but do not worry; we will not put you in a prickly situation! People would hollow a cactus out, pull off the thorns, pierce them into the cactus body, and then leave the cactus to dry out in the sun. When the cactus was dried out, it would be filled with small pebbles, and then sealed at the open end. When the cactus was turned over, the stones would tumble down, hitting the thorns to bounce against each other and the inner wall of the echoing cactus, making the sound of rain! Some rain sticks were used in periods of drought in an attempt to bring rain to a dry land. They could also be used for a subtle, musical effect! Now you can help your child become their own rain-maker!

See what materials you need to capture the sound of rain!

Halloween Begins at JumpStart!

This Halloween, you are invited to celebrate the spookiest time of the year at!

The JumpStart world goes Halloween this month!

The JumpStart world goes Halloween this month!

To start the fun, grab your friends and head to the Jumpee Creator to design the perfect Halloween get-up. A swashbuckling pirate? A pretty princess? A stylish cat? A spooky ghost? The possibilities are endless!

Then it’s time to select the perfect spooky sidekick! Pick a bat, a pumpkin or maybe even a mini-skull.

halloween pets

Halloween pets!

Just keep in mind that the more JumpStart games you play, the more coins you’ll earn, and the more festive you can make your Halloween. But that’s not all! Once you are all decked out in your BOOtiful costume, it’s time to venture out into the slime-covered pumpkin-packed world for some festive Halloween fun. With special Halloween themed contests and challenges appearing throughout the month, it’ll be just as fun as trick or treating! Get excited…Halloween is just around the corner at JumpStart!

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MarineLand Morse Code

Update: Marineland is now located within the Beach.

In honor of’s bubbly new underwater kingdom, we’re throwing a marine-themed brain buster your way! So put on your sailor’s cap and see if you can decipher these morse code puzzlers using the language of the US Navy.

Click here to print

Click here to print

This Just In! Futureland Sneak Peek

UPDATE: FutureLand is currently available via the Beach.

The JumpStart team is hard at work getting ready to release our next world for Here is a sneak peek at the up and coming FutureLand compliments of the art department!

The Sea Lab will be the main portal that you enter in FutureLand. Our artists gave us a quick sketch as to what the lab will look like from the outside…

sea lab

FutureLand Sea Lab

And check out the artists’ ideas for FutureLand’s drones…I have a hunch they might not give visitors the warmest welcome!


Mysterious FutureLand Inhabitants

drone patrolling

Patrolling Drone

shoot drone

Shoot Drone

Stay tuned here for more information about FutureLand and its metallic inhabitants!

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Pretty Pretty Pennies

Ever notice how when you grab some change from your pocket that some of the older pennies are darker and greener compared to their shiny new friends? You and your child can try this easy science experiment with items you have around the house to learn how pennies get their darker color and to help those pennies shine once again!

To start off it is important to know why pennies get their gloomy color with age. The copper atoms that are found in pennies are attracted to the oxygen atoms that are found in the air we breathe. When these two kinds of atoms combine, they form copper oxide. Pennies look dirty and dark because they are covered with copper oxide. Now that you know this, you can learn how to get rid of that copper oxide and show off your shiny new looking pennies!

What you need:

  • 15 to 20 dirty pennies
  • ¼ cup white vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Spoon
  • A non metal bowl (usually a clear shallow one will work best so you can see the reaction)
  • Paper towels

Check it out here!

Falling for Fall…

To kickoff the season of Fall we thought you and your child might just fall for this fun and decorative craft! One of the best things about the Fall season is the leaves turn beautiful colors of red and brown and gloriously shower the ground. Now you can take the example of those stunning colorful leaves and decorate your wall with your very own leaf wreath!


Fall Wreath

What you will need:

  • A few pieces of colored paper (green, yellow, orange, red, brown)
  • A black marker
  • Scissors
  • A paper plate (any size but not too small)
  • A glue stick

See how here!

Merllywood’s Next Top Model

UPDATE: The game formerly called Merllywood’s Next Top Model is now Trendy Tides. Your kids can access this game by clicking on the map in MarineLand (now located in the Beach), clicking on Merllywood, and going to Trendy Tides.

We hope you’ve gotten a chance to check out just how cool MarineLand is, and want to make sure you found one of our favorite games!

It is time to strut your stuff on the Merllywood Runway! You can find this game first by entering MarineLand, swimming through Ship Wreck Reef, splashing your way through Rubble Ruins until you end up in Merllywood. When you are ready to show off your fashion skills go find the game Trendy Tides.

In this creative and resourceful game you compete with other Jumpeez for points and express yourself through the art of fashion!

Strut you stuff!

Strike a pose!

Check it out here!!