Leaf Rubbings

The weather is cooling, the evenings are becoming darker earlier, and the leaves are beginning to change colors. Soon, kitchens will be warm and cozy with the smell of pumpkin treats in the oven and hand-shaped turkeys will adorn the refrigerator. Fall is a time of beautiful colors as the trees begin to shed their leaves, (with the exception of the more temperate climates, of course- sorry California). But whether your leaves change to that rustic yellow and deep crimson, you can still enjoy the beauty of fall with these simple, yet stunning leaf rubbings. Bring the beauty of the season into your home with this nature-inspired activity.

What you will need:

  • Several sheets of blank paper
  • Leaves
  • Red and yellow crayons with the wrapper removed

Make beautiful leaf rubbings!

Mini Olympics

Hosting a play date? Getting ready for a birthday party? Here is a great idea to keep the kids entertained, active, and exhaust their energy to ensure proper nap times! You’re your own Olympic Games in the comforts of your home, at a park, or in the backyard! These little games will surely boost their competitive spirits and get them exercising all day.

Opening Ceremony
Create a mini relay where everyone passes an ice cream cone to the right. To make things fun and fair, pass enough cones for everyone to have one and let them celebrate the beginning of the Mini Olympics! According to what kind of ice cream they receive, will determine the team they are on. (Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and mint for example)

Hold your own backyard Olympics

Lightning Candy

Does that quick flash of lightning in a stormy sky fascinate and excite your child? Well now you do not need to wait for the next thunderstorm to see lightning. You can make it whenever you want – in your mouth! (Don’t worry, it’s easy and pain free) And if your child is more fearful than excited about lighting, this can be a great activity to make lightning less frightening.

What you need:

  • Wintergreen-flavored LifeSavers
  • A dark room
  • A mirror

Learn how to make your own lightning storm!

I’m SENSING Some Fun!

Listen, look, feel, taste, and smell. We go through the day without thinking twice about the five senses that drive our life. We hardly question them and their importance is often overlooked. However, it is extremely important for your child to learn the basics of our five wonderful senses. Here are some great activities to help appreciate the senses we have.


  1.  Take walk to the park or go for a nature hike. Bring along a pad of paper and find a quite spot away from any commotion. Have your child to focus on just listening and writing down everything they hear, anything from the wind to birds to even the rustling of paper. Make it a competition between you and your child. Whoever can get the most sounds wins.
  2.  Another fun activity is Mystery Sounds. For this activity, you and your child will search around the house for different items that make noise. A spoon against a pot, a jar of coins, and even sandpaper are some good examples. Once you have found a number of items have your child blindfold you or put a blindfold on them. Take one item at a time and make some noise. See if they can guess which object is making the sound.

Learn about the other four senses!

A Sandcastle without the “Hastle”

Fall will be here before you know it! Those lazy summer afternoons will soon become action packed days of school, soccer practice, and homework time. But that doesn’t mean you and your little one can’t escape to the beach every now and then! This simple craft can bring the fun of the beach right to your kitchen, and you don’t even have to worry about getting sunburned.

What you need:

  • 3 c sand
  • 1 ½ c corn starch
  • 1 ½ c water
  • Large pot
  • Sturdy stirring spoon

Make a sandcastle in the kitchen!

Rhyming Recipes – Part II

Welcome back, our chef extraordinaire.
We have new recipes to try if you dare!
To keep with the theme we’ll start out at “D”.
Followed by “E”, continue cooking alphabetically!
Can’t wait to get started and kick off the fun,
The rhyming and cooking has now begun.

Cook your way through the alphabet by making Doughnuts, Eggs, and Fudge

Brilliant Bubble Prints

Is your child tired of painting pictures with that worn out  paintbrush and same old paint? Even the most dedicated artist can use a little inspiration every now and then. Why not mix up your little artist’s  usual mediums by replacing that paint brush with a straw, and that paint with some bubble mix? That’s right, it’s time to make bubble prints!

What you’ll need:

  •  Bubble solution
  • Water-soluble paint (i.e. tempera paint, powder or liquid)
  •  Paper
  • Straws
  •  Small plates

Learn how to make art with bubbles!